K-Pop Music Videos: The Creepy, The Crazy, and The Weird

For a majority of k-pop artists, the music video is simply a chance to showcase some dancing and do close-ups of the idols’ pretty faces. However, there are also artists who come out with videos that are unconventional and entirely unique. There are a number of them that can only be described as creepy. Some are full of crazy antics that I don’t always understand, but I do always find highly entertaining. Then there are the ones that are so totally bizarre that I can’t even begin to come up with an explanation for them. Any way you slice it, it’s still nice to see k-pop videos that give you something new to look at, instead of just the group dancing in an empty room (I’m looking at you SM). So I thought I’d compile a list of the music videos that deviate from the k-pop norm and offer us a fresh, if slightly strange, look at an artists’ song. To make a long story short (too late), here’s my list of k-pop music videos that are creepy, crazy, and weird:

The Creepy (aka i am disturbed)

“She’s Gone” by G-Dragon

So we start with some poor woman tied to a chair and G-Dragon hovering in the doorway. Cue the start of the song and the woman escaping, only to find herself running around in what looks like a stone maze. An unfazed GD takes out a knife and drags it across the walls while he calmly stalks the girl. By the end, he’s covered in blood and the woman is lying dead on the floor. And in between shots of him shaking and holding his bloody hands in front of his face, there is one especially creepy shot of him actually smiling. I think this definitely fits the creepy category. And if you look up the lyrics, it makes it all the more disturbing.

“Midnight Circus” by Sunny Hill

I just love this music video. The whole dark, freaky circus theme is so different and brilliant. The props, set, and costumes all give off an eerie, sinister vibe. Each of the girls are trapped or pinned down while a dark figure stands behind, controlling their every move. Even the choreography is done to make it look as if they’re marionettes, being dragged this way and that.

“V” by Lee Jung Hyun

Opening scene: a woman with eyes painted on, standing in a wedding dress, as a man’s car crashes outside an ominous looking mansion. This cannot be good. Nope, we’ve got a doll house with a little bride whose head does a 180, a kidnapped, injured man, ghosts with no legs, and zombie brides. Yet somehow Lee Jung Hyun manages to make this concept both cute and creepy as fuck at the same time.

“Voodoo Doll” by VIXX

How can a music video be so insanely awesome and completely horrifying at the same time? I can’t even begin to describe how creepy this video is. Here’s what my commentary was like when watching the video: “what the hell is that?!” “oh my god they’re stapling someone’s skin,” “ugh piercings that looks so painful,” “more creepy dolls, wonderful,” “is that glass in his skin?!” “stop stabbing yourselves!” You get my point. I was disturbed.

Do The Creep:On and On” and “Hyde” by VIXX (they have perfected the creepy), “Shadow” by BEAST (spiders, and scorpions, and skulls, oh my!), “Hate You” by Ladies’ Code (creepy dolls galore), “Bad” by QUEEN B’Z (don’t know WTF is happening, but it’s creepy), “Thriller” by BTOB (let’s dance in the middle of a graveyard), “Fan” by Epik High (sasaeng fans are scary), “Going Crazy” by Song Ji-Eun (that ending…)

The Crazy (aka bizarre awesomeness)

“Fantastic Baby” by Big Bang

This video is so chock full of weird and crazy that I don’t even know where to start. You’ve got people wearing strange gas masks, Seungri surrounded by Catwoman look-alikes, T.O.P with blue cotton candy hair rapping inside paintings, dancing hairy monster creatures, and let’s not forget GD’s insanely long hair that changes colors throughout the video. What does this all add up to? One futuristic, colorful, and fantastic music video.

“Gangnam Style” by PSY

You knew this one was coming. You can’t mention crazy K-pop videos without talking about PSY’s megahit song, which became popular in large part due to its music video. Even though it got played to death, I still love it. It’s got the awesome horse dance, weird sauna scenes, debris flying in peoples faces, and a dance-off with banana Yoo Jae Suk; it’s a giant mix of crazy comedy gold.

“Sweet Dream” by MFBTY

Let me just say, I freaking love this song; it is, hands down, one of my all-time favorite k-pop (k-rap?) songs. Okay, we may continue. The actual music video is a mesh of different, nightmarish sequences. It starts with a man lying in a bed, hooked up to a bunch of machines as if he’s in a hospital. Everything that happens in the video goes on inside his head, and boy does this guy have some messed up dreams. There’s a weird robotic tiger that attacks him while he’s lying in bed, which makes him start to spasm as gears, spikes, and fireworks come out of his chest. There’s also a car ride into the sea and a human flying up into space. In other words, this video is magnificent.

“Beautiful Night” by Ulala Session

This song and music video are just pure, energetic fun. What starts as a normal wedding (with an admittedly eclectic group of guests) turns into a full on dance party/fight for one woman’s sparkly gold purse. Yes, that’s right, everyone at the wedding (including the bride and groom) starts synchronized dancing and going after this small clutch, while the poor woman who owns it is just trying to get it back from all these crazy guests. And don’t forget the random cheerleaders, football players, and people with pink Afros. I. LOVE. THIS. VIDEO.

Let’s Go Be Psychos Together: “Itaewon Freedom” by UV (brilliant 80’s cheesiness), “Crayon” by G-Dragon (get your crayon), “Jackpot” and “Very Good” by Block B (bank robbery, clowns, and circuses), “Rokkugo” by Super Junior-T (Trot, ’nuff said), “Insane” by A-Jax (literally insane), “Thumbs Up” by Crispi Crunch (raunchy funny), “Open the Door” by Im Chang Jung (PSY-style funny)

The Weird (aka WTF)

“Doom Dada” by T.O.P

This is one video that will have most people saying WTF within the first few seconds. There’s T.O.P wearing eye patches, chilling on a zebra, running inside a zoetrope, dangerously riding a motorcycle along with a giant baby, and walking through the woods dressed as Salvador Dali. Look up the in-depth reviews on this music video and you’ll find that it has all sorts of references to different films and art movements. But whether you know the deeper meaning or not you can still enjoy the crazy zaniness of this music video.

“Follow Me” by 2NE1

I have no idea what this music video is supposed to be. It’s like since they weren’t promoting this song they said to themselves, “Hmm, what’s a bunch of random stuff we could shove into one video?” Well, at the beginning they take turns riding a stationary motorcycle, and later some dancing stormtroopers show up. I’m pretty sure each member changes outfits about twenty times. I’m really judging whoever thought it would be a good idea to cover half of CL’s head in fake stick-on jewels. The song is catchy and the music video is….interesting, but very weird.

“Mama” by EXO-K

“Mama” is just so ridiculous, I don’t even know how to make sense of most of it. First of all, I’ve never seen a group with such a long, complicated intro to their video (was that tree and magical powers backstory necessary?). Then there’s the WTF beginning with all the members looking like monks and the creepy chanting to the sky. Each of the members having their own super power made for cool special effects shots but only contributed to my confusion about what the hell was going on. Who in the world thought it would be a good idea to put tattoos all over Kai’s face? Just please come out with more songs like “Growl” instead.

“Wild Horse” by Norazo

A huge WTF to this music video. It seems so normal when it starts and then, wait…is his bottom half a…horse? Yup. Didn’t mistake that, and it’s gonna be like that for the whole video I guess. So they start doing normal horse things, like staying in the stables, getting their hair brushed…and now they’re in the circus…? Seriously, WTF did I just watch?

WTF Am I Watching:#PEEPSHOW” by Jaurim, Aziatix, and Idiotape (whoever made this video is on drugs), “Michigo” by G-Dragon (New level, GD), “Carnival Amour” by Jaurim (I have no words), “What’s Happening?” by B1A4 (seriously, what’s happening?), “Yayaya” by T-ara (complete gibberish), “Ura Cha Cha” by Chansebi (…what?), “ICU” by Kim Sarang (this makes zero sense), “A Guys” by N.O.M (WTF is this?!)

2 thoughts on “K-Pop Music Videos: The Creepy, The Crazy, and The Weird

  1. hm…….now I feel like I’m stalking you:P again, awesome post and very informative~ I actually checked the lyrics of GD’s she’s gone because of this post! and I agree…….creepy as hell:)

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