High School King of Savvy: Episode 4 Review

HSKoS EP 4 - tense

Four episodes into Savvy and the characters are just as fun, wacky, and heartwarming. Min Suk’s friends find out about his double identity and he bribes them with some company credit card shopping time. Jin Woo gets treated harshly by his father and the tension between him and Min Suk rises. The company freaks out when one of their projects is leaked, leading them to begin an investigation on their own employees. Lastly, Min Suk proves he is loyal to his team and will stand up for what he believes in.


HSKoS EP 4 - Moreelevatorawkward

With his friends in front of him and Director Yoo behind him, Min Suk quickly makes up a story that these high school students are cutting school and trying to sell something to him. He shoos them out the door while Jin Woo look on curiously. Outside, Min Suk tries to explain briefly but then tells them to wait. He’ll meet them when he’s off work, he has a managing meeting to go to. Ha. Weirdly, his friends don’t seem all that surprised or concerned. If I found out one of my friends was doing that I would be in shock.

Upstairs, Soo Young gets chastised for coming in late to work. Min Suk arrives and the employees are excited to see their Director who succeeded with the presentation. Min Suk tries to confront Soo Young about the bite mark she gave him when she was drunk, but she runs away. Having another one of her inner monologues, she talks about a song that she feels connected to and it starts playing in the background. Nice touch. Lamenting her life, she later steps into the elevator with Jin Woo. Only when she realizes its him she spits out the food she had in her mouth, which was some kind of powder. I laughed so hard. Jin Woo sighs in frustration as Soo Young tries to wipe him off. This girl just can’t win.

HSKoS EP 4 - Shopping

During the next meeting, Jin Woo proposes another project. Min Suk’s phone goes off, and while he’s replying he makes another comment and ends up having to give his two cents on Jin Woo’s presentation. Poor Jin Woo was just about to have succeeded with the President’s approval before Min Suk spoke against it.

Soo Young communicates with Min Suk using cute little post-it notes, as she’s still too embarrassed to face him. He’s amused, and goes along with it.

After work, he explains to his friends that he’s been acting as his brother. They yell at him, saying he probably never would have told them if they didn’t find out themselves. Traitor, they say, until Min Suk brings out the company credit card. Now that is realistic. They go out on a shopping spree, while his friends ask if there are any pretty woman at his work.

HSKoS EP 4 - Hostess

Min Suk gets a call from someone who’s looking to scout him, from a company called Sewha. They meet for dinner, along with Min Suk’s friends, and end up going to a hostess bar. Uh oh, someone notices Min Suk drinking with the Sewha man, that doesn’t bode well. Everyone gets drunk and nice Dad feeds them hangover soup while scolding them the next morning. The cool friends help Min Suk skip school, but only after Yoo Ah finally leaves them (having extracted the promise of a date from Min Suk).

At work, grumpy worker gets more of a backstory. He’s got a daughter that he’s been trying to get close to, and has to take blood pressure medication. He also covers for Soo Young when she’s late. Jin Woo’s presentation from earlier gets leaked to the press but under Sewha’s name. They start an investigation under the suspicion that it was someone from inside the company that leaked the information. One worker mentions to the President about seeing Min Suk drinking with the man from Sewha. Not good.

HSKoS EP 4 - Angryjinwoo

Min Suk’s name gets forgotten quickly, though, once they find evidence of grumpy worker downloading a confidential file after staying late at work. Jin Woo goes a little psycho and harshly interrogates him. Grumpy worker maintains his innocence, since it’s obviously not him. It’s even more unfortunate since he was supposed to say goodbye to his daughter at the airport after work and give her a necklace he’d bought as a present. He tries to leave but is stopped by Jin Woo.

Min Suk stands up to Jin Woo on his behalf. “If you’re investigating, are you allowed to speak rudely to your elder?” he asks angrily. Grumpy worker tells them to stop, he’ll go back. Really, Jin Woo, you’re crossing a line here. Min Suk stubbornly stays with grumpy worker, saying Jin Woo has no respect for people and might just beat them up. Besides, he was a strong suspect at one time so they should question him too.

HSKoS EP 4 - beer

After a while, a news report comes out that a group of hackers has been arrested. The police call to inform them that their company was one of the ones that was hacked. Min Suk and Jin Woo get in a shouting match or two before the President shows up just in time to hear the news about the hackers. He harshly scolds Jin Woo for questioning an innocent man. Jin Woo takes it for a while before speaking up. “Are you that unsatisfied with me?” he asks. The President replies, “I’m unsatisfied with your very existence.” Wow, that is cruel. No wonder Jin Woo is messed up.

Grumpy worker leaves dejectedly with Min Suk trailing behind. No worries, though, good-hearted Soo Young went to meet the daughter and gave her the gift. They decide to go out for beer together. Min Suk belatedly remembers his date with Yoo Ah and rushes off. It’s been a long time, but she’s still there waiting for him. However, what she thought was constipation turns out to be appendicitis and Min Suk has to rush her to the hospital. He calls her sister (not knowing it’s Soo Young) to tell her what happened. I was so excited that Soo Young would find out about his double identity already. But no, drama can’t have that. Min Suk leaves a note for the sister and they never cross paths. Damn.

At work, Min Suk tries to apologize to Jin Woo, who acts as if everything’s fine. Their interactions are almost as awkward as those between Jin Woo and Soo Young. Team Leader tells Soo Young that her contract won’t be renewed. Gee, I wonder if Min Suk will hire her as a secretary, what with the subtle reference to the position earlier in the episode. The preview for next week is showing more fights between Min Suk and Jin Woo which should be interesting, and the possibility that it was Jin Woo who got Soo Young fired.

HSKoS EP 4 - hospitalnote

After Thoughts

This was a good episode, but I liked the last one better. The grumpy worker is not all that interesting to me and a lot of the episode was spent on his character and the ridiculous hacking business. However, I enjoyed the shopping spree and bonding moments between Min Suk and his friends. It was nice to see more of them, and their reactions to Min Suk’s “adult” world.

Jin Woo is unraveling already thanks to the incredibly harsh treatment from his father, the President. After so much verbal abuse, I’m worried what he’ll end up doing, especially since he is so lonely. Right now there are no friends or family members for him to lean on. Soo Young is uping the embarrassment and awkward with each episode. Her relationship with Min Suk is progressing nicely, though. She’s even beginning to admire him after he stood up to Jin Woo. Poor Yoo Ah got sick, but I think it’s sweet that she waited so long for her hubby Min Suk.

Overall, this drama is progressing nicely. The characters are growing and facing new challenges with every episode. It looks like it will be a Jin woo vs. Min Suk battle next week and I’m looking forward to it!

HSKoS EP 4 - bathroomrivals

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