K-Pop Picks: “Fantastic” by Henry

I was surprised and impressed by Henry’s debut mini-album “Trap” last year, and with his “Fantastic” comeback he has only improved. Though it felt a bit like being hit over the head with the reminder that he’s a serious violin player, I thoroughly enjoyed its inclusion and the entire classical feel of this song. I love that his title tracks don’t shy away from putting a focus on instruments rather than electronic beats, with the piano in “Trap” and the violin in “Fantastic.” As for the music video, let me first say that I’m getting pretty tired of this maze obsession that k-pop seems to have lately and I’m utterly confused as to why his girlfriend turns into a violin. Aside from that, I thought the video was visually beautiful, especially the use of the glowing chords that connected Henry to the violin. Henry is enticing to watch with a new show of confidence in his performance and some interesting choreography. Overall, I liked this comeback and I’m happy to see Henry continuing to grow as a solo artist.

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