High School King of Savvy: Episode 11 Review

HSKoS EP 11 - Backshot

Just as expected, this episode was full of angst and heartbreak. Soo Young and Yoo Ah duke it out, Min Suk and Soo Young both walk around like lifeless zombies, and Jin Woo shows more heart than ever but at the wrong time. The tension and awkwardness is high and it’s not clear what will happen next.


HSKoS EP 11 - All in it together

Oh boy. I’ve put it off for a little while but now I’ll have to dive in to what is sure to be an angst-filled episode. Bracing myself for heartbreak, here we go.

We left off last week with Soo Young finally discovering Min Suk’s double identity when she goes to Yoo Ah’s school for a parent teacher conference and sees Min Suk there in uniform. And by unhappy coincidence Min Suk and Soo Young lock eyes just as his friends come down the hallway and Yoo Ah runs over to her “hubby.” Everyone’s together for the most awkward and uncomfortable and gut-wrenching moment. Wonderful.

HSKoS EP 11 - Denial

I feel so bad for Soo Young, like can you imagine what’s going through her mind? Holy shit, my boyfriend’s in high school, holy shit is he two-timing me with my own sister, holy shit, none of my life makes any sense right now. It makes you realize how terrible it was of Min Suk to start dating her while she had no idea of his real age. I mean, if that was me I would feel sick right about now.

During the shocked stare-off they’re having, Soo Young flashes back to all those moments that she now realizes pointed to Min Suk being, well, high school student Min Suk and not Hyung Suk. She turns away and Min Suk runs after her, while Min Suk’s friends hold Yoo Ah back. As Min Suk explains what happened to Soo Young, his friends are finally sharing everything with Yoo Ah. She refuses to accept anything until she sees it with her own eyes, and firmly reasserts to herself that she liked Min Suk first. It looks like I’m going to have to start calling the awesome friends by name, since Tae Suk, who originally pretended to like Yoo Ah, is developing real feelings for her.


I liked the conversation between Duk Hwan and Tae Suk, in which they point out how it must be a small world with Soo Young being Yoo Ah’s sister. It felt realistic, but also like the writers were kind of pointing out the absurdity of these drama coincidences; it’s a refreshing take after all of those kdramas where the many cliched situations are simply accepted by the characters, even though people in real life would been confused at the utter ridiculousness.

Back with the awkward couple, Min Suk is desperately trying to convince Soo Young that his love for her is real even if everything else was fake. The way she refuses to look at him kind of breaks my heart and it adds such a tense, uncomfortable tone to the scene. Soo Young’s response is summed up in her parting remark, “I can’t believe a thing.” Soo Young walks away again and is so preoccupied with her thoughts that she almost gets hit by a car before Jin Woo grabs and drags her out of harm’s way. Jin Woo tries apologizing for his previous actions, but her mind is still racing with Min Suk and she doesn’t hear or register what Jin Woo is saying to her.

HSKoS EP 11 - lap dance

At work, Soo Young is still out of it and connects Team Leader’s phone to the President accidentally. When he yells at her she doesn’t even react, and when returning to her desk she goes one too far and sits on the lap of another employee before realizing it. After taking refuge on the roof, grumpy worker follows and attempts to console her. Aww, how sweet of him.

In the President’s office, he orders his lackey to find Min Suk’s father (who he knows as a former chauffeur for Min Suk and Hyung Suk’s deceased bio-dad) and to fire Soo Young, who unluckily witnessed Jin Woo calling the President “father.”

HSKoS EP 11 - Pillow fight

Soo Young returns home to an angry Yoo Ah. Soo Young insists that she didn’t know Min Suk’s real age or that he was “hubby Lee,” but Yoo Ah is furious and barely listens. Oddly, they each grab pillows and start whacking each other to vent some frustration. Even when it’s over, and their heads are covered in feathers, nothing is solved. Yoo Ah leaves, but when it’s late and she still hasn’t come back, Soo Young goes out to look for her. She comes across Yoo Ah as two guys are flirting heavily with her. Protective instincts flaring up, Soo Young runs over and bites one of them on the hand. Then she starts windmilling her arms to chase them away.

That night, Min Suk and Soo Young meet again. Basically, they argue some more about the age difference and Min Suk asserts his true feelings to no avail. Soo Young replies that she liked Lee Hyunk Suk, the 28 year old director at Comfo, not Min Suk the high school student. In the morning, the Jung sisters brusquely pass by each other. Yoo Ah brings her “hubby” a morning snack at school like everything is normal, but Min Suk stares blankly ahead. On his desk at Comfo, Min Suk finds a resignation letter from Soo Young. He calls right away, but she’s already out of town visiting her mother.

HSKoS EP 11 - Bonding time

Min Suk tells Team Leader that Soo Young needed a personal day for a family emergency. His downcast mood has finally caught Team Leader’s attention, though he has no idea of the cause. Even Jin Woo notices something’s up.

Yoo Ah happens across Jin Woo later that night and they go sit down at a fast-food restaurant. At first I thought she was going to tell him everything, but she only suggests that Jin Woo makes his move while Soo Young is away from her boyfriend. Yoo Ah swaps phone numbers so they can share information, declares them allies, and tells Jin Woo how much she wants him to date her sister instead. She even made up a nickname for him, “white rice cake.”

HSKoS EP 11 - Nope

Soo Young continues to wander around the village, while Min Suk keeps going to work. Team Leader has an aneurysm after finding out Min Suk, during his broody state, blindly approved a fax that was not meant to be sent. Min Suk gets berated by everyone, including the President, and takes it without any emotion besides resignation. Jin Woo receives a text from Yoo Ah, reminding him to go see Soo Young and strike while the iron is hot. He smiles brightly and laughs.

When he hears of his father’s plan to fire Soo Young he goes to see him in his office. In a reflection of Jin Woo’s own words from earlier episodes, the President asks what all the fuss is about firing a secretary. Jin Woo says straight up that he likes Soo Young, and when the President responds with his usual indifference, Jin Woo threatens to reveal their familial ties himself.

Team Leader meets with his boss, who tells hims to please Min Suk in whatever way so that the truth won’t be revealed. After all, Min Suk is acting like he has nothing to lose. So Team Leader tries to cheer Min Suk up by offering to buy food and giving him a flash drive full of porn.

HSKoS EP 11 - No Jin Woo

Another elevator conversation between our two rivals has Jin Woo asking about the state of Min Suk and Soo Young’s relationship and stating his intentions of swooping in when there’s a weak point. He does indeed go to visit Soo Young but almost immediately receives a call from the rehab center informing him that his mother slashed her wrists and is in critical condition. Soo Young accompanies him to the hospital, but leaves soon after.

Jin Woo goes to her house and sees her outside; he gives her the standard what-am-I-feeling hug and poor Min Suk walks up right in time to see. Jin Woo gives Soo Young a heartfelt apology and a plea to forgive him once again and stay by his side. She rejects him, though, and as she turns to go inside Min Suk suddenly runs over and starts dragging her away, demanding that she listen to him. Jin Woo stops him and the episode ends as the rivals stare each other down, ready for another fight.

HSKoS EP 11 - Tension

After Thoughts

You hurt me, Savvy, you hurt me real deep. It was almost scary to see the degree of lifelessness displayed by our main characters, especially Min Suk, whose emotions are always running high. It was like they were so heartbroken that neither of them could function anymore. I guess that does show the depth of their feelings for each other, though.

I’m hoping Soo Young and Yoo Ah won’t be fighting for too long, I already miss their loving, sisterly dynamic. I am not a fan of Min Suk’s behavior, though. The kdrama cliche of the male grabbing a woman by the wrist and literally dragging her away has always irritated me and it’s used incessantly by Min Suk in this episode. I just want him to stop trying to force her to accept him. It’s almost as if the roles have shifted and Jin Woo is acting like the more caring and considerate one, while Min Suk tries to push his feelings on others.

I did like all of the parallels with previous episodes, such as the feels hug and the President repeating Jin Woo’s words. Honestly, I’m not sure how this story will progress and I like it that way. Savvy has also confirmed a two-episode extension, which will include one extra episode and then a special to close.

HSKoS EP 11 - Hugs

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