High School King of Savvy: Episode 12 Review

HSKoS EP 12 - Instagram shot

Even more heartbreak! Min Suk gets tragic news that affects his life in a big way, while Soo Young decides that moving to a new house will give her a fresh start. Jin Woo keeps pulling Soo Young into his life, with help from Yoo Ah, who continues the uncomfortable tension with her sister. It’s a happy ending this time around, though, so the fun and crazy Savvy should be returning to us very soon.


HSKoS EP 12 - Puddle

Honestly, I’m getting a sick of this unending rivalry between Min Suk and Jin Woo. I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.

Sigh. Alright, so we left off with the beginnings of another fight between Min Suk and Jin Woo as they continue to fight over Soo Young. Before it can get physical, Soo Young separates them and then hurries away. Jin Woo reminds Min Suk that he gave him a warning that he’d be doing what he felt like in regards to Soo Young. Best part though: Jin Woo gets in his car and beeps at Min Suk, who has to get out of the way so fast that he steps in a puddle, which results in him swearing up a storm. I love it when they go on a swearing spree, it’s so hilarious, especially since other kdramas never do it.

HSKoS EP 12 - Watermelon

Jin Woo goes back to see his mom at the hospital and makes a call to his father, informing him of what happened and giving him the room number should he want to visit. Soo Young is kicked out by her mother, who assumes she’s been fired, and returns to Seoul. There she runs into Grandpa again, and walks him home, only to find out that he’s Min Suk’s grandpa. Gramps insists Soo Young come in for some watermelon. Min Suk tells Soo Young how Grandpa would always talk about the “pretty unni.”

Min Suk prods her about Jin Woo, but she rightly tells him off since he has no right to be jealous anymore. Even so, Min Suk persuades her to return to work and not quit just because of him. He uses her motto, “You’re a modern woman who can draw a line between public and private matters.” Soo Young returns home to an unsure Yoo Ah, who immediately calls Jin Woo to keep him up to date on Soo Young’s whereabouts.

HSKoS EP 12 - Hospital bean

Min Suk arrives at work and is happy to see Soo Young already there. When they step into his office, she reads him the schedule for the day and demands that when it’s just the two of them that he calls her noona. Flabbergasted, Min Suk shakes his head and seeks out another person whenever Soo Young tries again to make him say it. “I’d rather die than call her noona,” he says. When she threatens to quit again, he very unwillingly addresses her as noona. He bites back right away for her patronizing, though, asking if he’s too young to know love.

Desperate to get away from Min Suk, Soo Young jumps into Jin Woo’s car when he drives up. When Jin Woo correctly assumes that Soo Young used him to escape, he asks her for a favor in return: to make his mother some red bean porridge and come with him to visit her. His mother laughs at how cute Soo Young is and marvels at Jin Woo being in a one-sided love. As they’re leaving, Soo Young see the President enter the hospital, but doesn’t mention it to Jin Woo. The President is about to enter when he sees the mother and loses his nerve at the last second, backing away.

HSKoS EP 12 - Hospital heartbreak

During a hockey game, Min Suk gets hit badly and has to have surgery on his shoulder. Though it’s nothing serious, his family, friends, and Yoo Ah all worry. Team Leader makes up the excuse that he has the flu, and Soo Young starts worrying, too. She’s also decided to move into a new house. When she stops to get some groceries, her feet wander as she’s preoccupied with her thoughts, and she ends up in front of Min Suk’s house. She overhears Dad and Grandpa talking as they leave to visit Min Suk.

At the hospital, Min Suk looks through the cute pictures he and Soo Young took on their date to the island. His Dad and Coach go to talk to the Doctor, and it turns out that though the surgery went well, Min Suk can’t play sports anymore if he doesn’t want to lose the ability to use his arm. His Dad is completely heartbroken. It’s stunned silence when the Coach reluctantly passes the information on to Min Suk.

HSKoS EP 12 - Bad dream

Soo Young gives her notice to Team Leader, assuring him that’s she’ll work for the rest of the week, but to find someone to take her place. Team Leader freaks out when Min Suk says he can’t come into work again.

Min Suk clears out his locker and gives each of his friends some of his hockey gear. Along with Yoo Ah, his friends try to cheer him up and invite him out for food. Though he smiles and puts on a brave face, Min Suk is still devastated and goes home to rest instead.

The President has a dream of Min Suk’s Dad confronting him, angrily asking how he could do something like that to someone and then live comfortably. The President desperately replies that he didn’t mean to, but Min Suk’s Dad keeps calling him a bastard and eventually tries to strangle him. The President shakes himself to wake up. How mysterious. He then receives a call from his lackey, who has found out that Min Suk’s Dad owns a laundromat and adopted Lee Jung Soo’s two sons.


Duk Hwan and Tae Suk don’t want Min Suk to be alone so they buy some food and go to his house. Team Leader is already there and he finds out that Min Suk can’t play hockey anymore. Min Suk himself isn’t there though, he’s gone missing. Outside, Duk Hwan and Tae Suk let Team Leader know that they’re in on the secret. They both laugh at Team Leader for looking older than his age and Team Leader angrily points at Duk Hwan, accusing him of looking thirty-two. Oh my god, that’s hilarious, the actor is actually thirty-two in real life. They go on to make fun of the way he talks, and he yells at them in return for their free use of the company card. Eventually, he walks away, mumbling, “I hate high schoolers.”

Duk Hwan, Tae Suk, and Yoo Ah all go out in search of Min Suk. They find him running laps at the school, but realize that he needs his time alone. To compliment the moody atmosphere, it starts raining and Min Suk sits there, letting himself cry. I forget about the hockey aspect of Min Suk’s life a lot, since they don’t put as much emphasis on it. His reaction shows how important it really was to him, though, and it’s heartbreaking. Duk Hwan and Tae Suk start crying with him, and damn it, so do I.

HSKoS EP 12 - Karaoke

Min Suk later meets his Dad for some late night dinner. He has a cheery attitude and his Dad suggests that, since he has a good voice, he should become a singer or idol. HA. After that they do karaoke, where Min Suk shows of said skills and agrees that he should be a singer.

Soo Young is beginning the packing and looks excited about moving. Yoo Ah, on the other hand, continues to be uncomfortable around her sister. As she’s leaving for school, though, she breaks down and demands that Soo Young go see Min Suk. Yoo Ah believes that Soo Young is the only one who will be able to comfort Min Suk. Wow, I’m impressed, that’s not an easy thing to say.

I’m really going to cry now. Min Suk leaves school the next day to find Soo Young waiting with her arms wide open. He walks over slowly and when he doesn’t move forward, she does, and hugs him. Soo Young admits to herself and Min Suk that it doesn’t matter what age he is: “I like you so much. I feel like dying if I don’t see you.”

HSKoS EP 12 - Best hug

After Thoughts

Yay! Min Suk and Soo Young made up and came to terms with their feelings for each other despite the age difference. Now please tell there will be more funny shenanigans from now on and less angst. I don’t think I could take much more heartbreak. It’s like it was one after another, with the reveal of his identity and to top it off, finding out that he can no longer play hockey. It hurt too much.

There were some comedic bits, though. I loved all the meta in this episode, with Duk Hwan’s age and Dad suggesting Min Suk become a singer. It’s hilarious when they throw in those little winks and nudges. It was really nice to see some family bonding time between Min Suk, Dad, and Grandpa. That scene of encouragement from Min Suk’s dad was sweet and heartwarming. It’s even better as the Jung sisters are still super uncomfortable around each other.

I’m glad that Jin Woo is changing his act and showing real compassion for others. Though it’s obviously a bit too late. It surprised me that they stopped Min Suk from being able to play hockey, I wasn’t expecting that at all. But if it had to be done, better now so we can get all of the angst over with at once. I don’t think Min Suk and Soo Young can go back to being that same happy, cute-sy couple they were before, especially with Yoo Ah there, but we’ll see. Can’t wait for more Savvy fun!

HSKoS EP 12 - Come to me

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