High School King of Savvy: Episode 15 Review

HSKoS EP 15 - brothers

The plot thickens! Hyung Suk is finally back and is intent on his revenge against the President. Min Suk’s good heart gets in the way, though, and the brothers are arguing rather than celebrating being united once again. Secrets are revealed left and right as the drama’s big storylines come to a climax, and the episode ends with a scene that is sure to break your heart.

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High School King of Savvy: Episode 14 Review

HSKoS EP 14 - boyfriends

Jin Woo knows about Min Suk’s double identity, so prepare for lots of smug faces and sly comments. But Min Suk finds out a secret too, and if he plays his cards right he can stay afloat in the corporate world a little longer. There’s not much of Min Suk’s friends or Yoo Ah, but watch out for a surprise appearance at the end of the episode!

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