High School King of Savvy: Episode 14 Review

HSKoS EP 14 - boyfriends

Jin Woo knows about Min Suk’s double identity, so prepare for lots of smug faces and sly comments. But Min Suk finds out a secret too, and if he plays his cards right he can stay afloat in the corporate world a little longer. There’s not much of Min Suk’s friends or Yoo Ah, but watch out for a surprise appearance at the end of the episode!


HSKoS EP 14 - busted

OH MAN. It’s been a while and I totally forgot about the epic cliffhanger from the last episode. JIN WOO KNOWS. Min Suk better run for the hills. No, but really, this cannot be good. They flashback to Jin Woo following Min Suk and he sees him come out in his high school uniform and then go home to Papa Choi. It really makes you wonder, though, if he was so intent on finding out Min Suk’s secrets, why did he wait until now to simply follow him? Jin Woo acts all smug and then commands Min Suk to end his little fraud at Comfo.

Min Suk gathers his group of co-conspirators from work and tells them the bad news. Team Leader and Managing Director also find out about the romantic relationship between Min Suk and Soo Young.

HSKoS EP 14 - super elevator of awkward

There is a Super Elevator of Awkward when Jin Woo, Min Suk, Soo Young, the President, Team Leader, and Managing Director are all in there at the same time. Jin Woo makes some side comments but doesn’t expose Min Suk just yet.

Of course, the hot-headed Min Suk decides the best way to handle this situation would be to storm into Jin Woo’s office later and yell at him to spill it already. I love that Jin Woo basically says, “Nah, I’ll wait until I can really make a scene by revealing your dirty secret, that’s the only way it’ll be fun.” Jin Woo milks this for all it’s worth.

Soo Young pleads Min Suk’s case to Jin Woo but there’s no reason for him not to tell. He does still having feelings for her though, and ropes her into visiting his mother in the hospital again and then going out for dinner. Soo Young goes, but tells Min Suk her mother is in town. This secret doesn’t last long though, and Min Suk is told by some of his employees that they saw her in a car with Jin Woo. Speaking of the employees, Yoon Joo and Dae Han have been happily dating and finally tell the rest of their co-workers.

HSKoS EP 14 - stop

Min Suk confronts Soo Young, who tries to calm him, but admits that she’s trying to keep JIn Woo quiet. Furious at the extents Jin Woo is willing to go to, Min Suk angrily stalks out and goes to tell the President the truth. Which prompts the great scene with Team Leader, Managing Director, and Soo Young all trying to hold onto Min Suk and stop him from revealing everything.

Later, Soo Young opens the gift Jin Woo’s mother gave her. It turns out to be a beautiful necklace, which Soo Young immediately tries to return to Jin Woo. When she goes to meet him, though, his vision starts blurring and he collapses. At the hospital, the doctor explains that Jin Woo took too many sleeping pills for his insomnia, but he’d be okay. Min Suk meets Soo Young at the hospital, and together they bring Jin Woo home (with Min Suk grumbling the whole way).

HSKoS EP 14 - slash

Halfway through the episode, we finally see Yoo Ah as she eats dinner and bonds with Tae Suk. In order to stop Soo Young from attending to Jin Woo during his sickness, Min Suk takes over, making him porridge and giving him his pills. It’s adorable. He orders Soo Young to go home while he continues to look after Jin Woo. He hilariously steals some of Jin Woo’s clothes, but they obviously do not fit right. Min Suk massages his arms and ends up falling asleep on the bed next to him (really, look at that picture, this is the stuff fanfiction is made of). Jin Woo wakes up with his face a couple inches from Min Suk and sits up hurriedly.

Min Suk sits down to eat breakfast while Jin Woo wanders off. Right then, the President calls and Min Suk picks it up, thinking it might be urgent. The President immediately starts yelling at him about some work stuff and then asks “Jin Woo” if he’s angry at his father. Min Suk smugly uses his new trump card to make a deal with Jin Woo not to reveal each other’s secrets. Min Suk then lets his co-conspirators know that nothing will be exposed, but won’t reveal the dirt he has on Jin Woo.

HSKoS EP 14 - bad father

When it’s just him and Soo Young, they find out that each of them know the secret already. Despite both of them deciding not to divulge the information, there’s been gossip about the President having an extramarital son that works for him at the company. Not long after hearing about this, the President arrives on Jin Woo’s doorstep drunk; he complains about how miserable his life is because of a mistake he made and asks Jin Woo to take his Mom and leave.

Jin Woo calls the only person he can, Soo Young, and starts spouting some alarmingly suicide-like thoughts about how he never should have been born. He goes to her house and refuses to leave until she comes out and sees him. When it starts raining, Soo Young gets Yoo Ah to go bring him an umbrella, but he walks away.

At work, the new contract with the company Pavo is speeding along, and they want to meet with Min Suk. The President is all for this project and signs the contract right away, but Jin Woo finds out that their financial status is shady. Team Leader takes Min Suk to meet with the Pavo people. Only Min Suk is allowed to meet with him, and lo and behold, it turns out to be his older brother, Hyung Suk.

HSKoS EP 14 - surprise bitch

After Thoughts

Whoa, whoa! We finally meet Hyung Suk in the flesh. It looks like this storyline is finally going to be brought to light. Finally, we can find out what happened to their parents and what it has to do with the President. So far we’ve only gotten a glimpse of Hyung Suk, but I’m hoping there will be noticeable differences between the brothers so as not to make it seem like they’re twins (or the same person playing two roles…).

I did feel the absence of Min Suk’s friends and Yoo Ah, who hardly got any screen time this episode. I suppose they’re leaving out that aspect to focus more on the adult problems that are coming into play. Still, I hope there’s a healthy dose of comedy to keep us sane in what is sure to be a final few episodes full of angst.

I love the little group of co-conspirators at work, their dynamic is hilarious. I like that Jin Woo knows now, too, and I’m hoping since Min Suk has his own trump card they’ll start working with, instead of against, each other. Call me crazy, but I’m still holding out for some bromance between Min Suk and Jin Woo. They’re so much alike, why can’t they see that? Ha, anyway, can’t wait for the next episode and more Hyung Suk and Min Suk scenes!

HSKoS EP 14 - angst

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