High School King of Savvy: Episode 15 Review

HSKoS EP 15 - brothers

The plot thickens! Hyung Suk is finally back and is intent on his revenge against the President. Min Suk’s good heart gets in the way, though, and the brothers are arguing rather than celebrating being united once again. Secrets are revealed left and right as the drama’s big storylines come to a climax, and the episode ends with a scene that is sure to break your heart.


HSKoS EP 15 - Hyung

So last episode left off with another major cliff hanger in the form of actual, in-the-flesh Hyung Suk showing up. Well, it’s about damn time. Except he doesn’t actually give Min Suk any answers and tells him to proceed with business and he’ll explain later. Wow, real helpful (kinda like the Dragon from BBC’s Merlin, ja feel?).

The President rushes through the agreement with Pavo, despite the misgivings many of the employees have about the company, including Jin Woo. Though he informs the President of his suspicions, it comes to nothing and Jin Woo decides to go to Germany to see the company in person.

HSKoS EP 15 - Weirdo

Min Suk meets his hyung at the officetel later. Hyung Suk tells him that the President of Comfo was the one who betrayed their father in business and made him go bankrupt, eventually resulting in his suicide. Apparently Hyung Suk had planned to come to Korea and work at Comfo, but he was stopped by the German authorities, who suspected him of the murder of a man that helped Hyung Suk plan his revenge. Stuck under police surveillance, he wasn’t able to contact Min Suk. Eventually the real murderer was caught and Hyung Suk could put out the Pavo bait.

Hyung Suk looks a little pyscho-ish with his determination to get revenge, but he’s rational enough to get Min Suk to help him. Meanwhile, Soo Young finds Gramps waiting at a supermarket for Hyung Suk and persuades him to go home. Just as she’s about to leave, Hyung Suk comes home. Of course, she assumes he’s Min Suk and gives him a hug and pinches his cheeks. He calmly tells her that he’s the hyung, and she apologizes quickly, embarrassed. Two seconds later, Min Suk’s friends come up and pinch his cheeks too. They don’t realize who he is until Min Suk walks up and shouts at them.

HSKoS EP 15 - Not good

Hyung Suk comments on the weirdos Min Suk surrounds himself with and then goes inside. Walking along, Soo Young is traumatized by what she did to her “future brother-in-law.” Papa Choi ends up being the only one who recognizes Hyung Suk; he yells at him for not calling but gives him a big hug, too. Gramps wakes up in time to see Hyung Suk and finally give him some chocolate.

Soo Young gets some attempted comforting from Tae Suk and Duk Hwan, but when she mentions how terrible the food is where they’re eating, she’s even more embarrassed to find out it’s Tae Suk’s family’s restaurant. Girl can’t win.

Min Suk and Hyung Suk sit down to talk some more, and Min Suk repeats that he doesn’t think bankrupting Comfo is the way to get revenge. Hyung Suk tells him to look what’s become of their family and how it’s only the two of them now.

HSKoS EP 15 - aquarium lunch

Min Suk returns to work and hears the employees getting excited about the expansion of Comfo and the resulting rise in their paychecks. Min Suk shakes his head guiltily and turns around. Hyung Suk promised to take a very excited Gramps to the aquarium, but he doesn’t show up. Instead, Min Suk suggests that they go with the “pretty unni.” While watching the fish, Min Suk reveals to Soo Young that Papa Choi and Gramps used to live with them before his parents died. Hilariously, Min Suk gets jealous as Gramps steals Soo Young’s attention the entire day and later says that he’ll marry “pretty unni.”

Hyung Suk finally calls Min Suk that night and sets Tuesday as D-Day. Min Suk argues with him again about the plan, asking what will happen to all of the employees at Comfo and what will become of Hyung Suk’s life after committing fraud. Hyung Suk keeps persisting with his revenge plan and Min Suk swears that he’ll stop this plan if Hyung Suk does not.

HSKoS EP 15 - surprise bitch part 2

At Comfo, Hyung Suk comes in and Soo Young mistakes him for Min Suk again. Hyung Suk, as the company Pavo, moved the meeting up a day and is taking Min Suk’s place. Jin Woo is coming back from his trip when he hears that the meeting was moved. He tries to call his father to inform him of Hyung Suk’s scheme, but it’s already started. The shareholders vote through secret ballot to use their investment funds to go into business with Pavo.

Hyung Suk hears from his co-conspirator that the funds have been transferred, and as he and the President are entering the lobby, Min Suk comes running inside with Jin Woo a second behind. Hyung Suk tells the President he’s finished, with a gleeful and satisfied expression.

HSKoS EP 15 - kneel

In the retail team office, all of the secrets about Min Suk, Hyung Suk, and Jin Woo have been revealed and the employees gossip, still in disbelief over their Director being a high school student.

Jin Woo begs Min Suk, on his knees, to talk to his hyung. He apologizes for his father, who he swears never would have imaged that Lee Jung Soo would commit suicide. Min Suk watches in awe.

Min Suk calls and yells at Hyung Suk, but to no avail. Then Gramps goes missing again and everyone goes off searching. They find him at Hyung Suk’s officetel, sitting in the lobby. Instead of sleeping, as they assumed, Gramps has passed away, and I’m crying right alongside Min Suk.

HSKoS EP 15 - gramps

After Thoughts

Whoa, I have to admit, I did not see them going that far. Gramps was so sweet and innocent. Whyyyyyyyy. Damn you writers. I feel like everything is going to go downhill from here. There must be some sort of punishment for Hyung Suk committing fraud, if he doesn’t change his mind. I was taken aback by how cold and vengeful Hyung Suk was in this episode. He showed nothing but happiness at having ruined the President and didn’t have any reservations about it even though it would affect so many other people. I think Seo In Guk did a good job making a stark contrast between these two characters.

They did a pretty good job of coming up with reasonable circumstances for Hyung Suk’s absence. His revenge plot was easy to swallow too, which I think has to do with the fact that it was kept relatively simple and straightforward. Though it’s sad that Gramps had to die in order to reign Hyung Suk back in (at least that’s what it seems like at this point). I gotta say that I loved every scene between Min Suk and Hyung Suk and the performances for each character were incredible. I really wish this drama wasn’t ending so soon…

HSKoS EP 15 - hugs

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