Over the Rainbow: LGBT

The views towards people of the LGBT community in Asian countries are obviously not as open or positive as other places in the world. However, that hasn’t stopped them from coming out with different movies and dramas dealing with it. This is by no means a comprehensive list; these are just the ones that I’ve personally seen and liked. Here are some that I enjoyed that contain at least one LGBT character:

(Minor refers to either the character’s role in the story or their sexuality being a minor point)

Korean Dramas:

Reply 1997 (Gay)
Life is Beautiful (Gay)
Secret Garden (Gay – Minor)
Personal Taste (Gay – Minor)

Korean Movies:

Antique Bakery (Gay)
Two Weddings and a Funeral (Gay and Lesbian)
No Regret (Gay)

Japanese Dramas:

Last Friends (Lesbian)
Sunao ni Narenakute (Gay)
Love Shuffle (Bisexual)

Japanese Movies:

Ai No Kotodama (Gay)

Thai Movies:

Yes or No (Lesbian)
Beautiful Boxer (Transgender)

Short Films:

Boy Meets Boy (Korean, Gay)
Just Friends? (Korean, Gay)
The Postcard (Korean, Gay)

Cross-Dressing, with Man thinking he loves another Man:

Coffee Prince (Korean – Dealt with the best by far)
Hana Kimi (Japanese)
You’re Beautiful (Korean)
Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Korean)

With Gay Characters that are kind of stereotypical and offensive:

Hana Kimi (Japanese, Gay – Minor)
Nodame Cantabile (Japanese, Gay – Minor)

Also check out:

-K. Will’s Music Video: “Please Don’t…
-GLAM’s Music Video: “Party (XXO)
-Eatyourkimchi’s video on Homosexuality in Korea
Thread on other LGBT Dramas
-Seoulbeats’ article: “K-Drama’s More Literal (And Laudable) Takes On Homosexuality

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