K-Pop Picks: “200%” by AKMU (Akdong Musician)

My new obsession: the wonderful, fresh sounds of Akdong Musician. This brother-sister duo first caught my attention during their time on K-Pop Star 2. Not because I watched the show, but because I couldn’t ignore how much everyone was raving about them. When I finally did check out their performances, I was not disappointed. Their first album is a welcome respite from the electronic-heavy sounds of the K-pop world. It’s full of light, airy songs like their first single “200%.” The music video is incredibly cute and charming. Much like K.Will’s “Please Don’t…” it seems like your typical love story until the end, when the perspective suddenly shifts. Kudos to Soo Hyun for showing off some genuine acting skills, too (which is pretty rare in the K-pop world). Check out the rest of their album Play, and their other music videos, Give Love and Melted.