Top 5 Favorite Korean Actors

Obviously this is in no way objective, but just a list of the male Korean actors that I’ve fallen in love with through their acting (…alright, and hotness).

You Almost Made The Cut: Sung Joon, Lee Min Ki, Lee Sun Gyun

5. Kim Soo Hyun

One of the most popular young actors in South Korea at the moment, Kim Soo Hyun has captured the hearts of many, many viewers. He has a quiet, but strong grasp on the audience in whatever drama or film he’s in.

My Favorite Drama: Dream High

Kim Soo Hyun has been in a lot of really good dramas and movies, but Dream High was where I first saw and fell in love with him. Sam Dong was so adorable and talented, I was immediately hooked. It was the worst case of second lead syndrome I’d ever had. Soo Hyun brought out not only his impressive acting chops, but his fantastic singing voice as well.

Other Popular Dramas: You Who Came from the StarsThe Moon that Embraces the Sun

Films: Secretly, GreatlyThe Thieves

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