High School King of Savvy: Episode 15 Review

HSKoS EP 15 - brothers

The plot thickens! Hyung Suk is finally back and is intent on his revenge against the President. Min Suk’s good heart gets in the way, though, and the brothers are arguing rather than celebrating being united once again. Secrets are revealed left and right as the drama’s big storylines come to a climax, and the episode ends with a scene that is sure to break your heart.

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High School King of Savvy: Episode 14 Review

HSKoS EP 14 - boyfriends

Jin Woo knows about Min Suk’s double identity, so prepare for lots of smug faces and sly comments. But Min Suk finds out a secret too, and if he plays his cards right he can stay afloat in the corporate world a little longer. There’s not much of Min Suk’s friends or Yoo Ah, but watch out for a surprise appearance at the end of the episode!

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High School King of Savvy: Episode 13 Review

HSKoS EP 13 - Work it

Min Suk and Soo Young have finally kissed and made up, though Soo Young still has reservations about dating Min Suk while he’s in high school. The President finds Min Suk’s Dad and tries to atone for past sins. Meanwhile, Jin Woo gets closer and closer to finding out the truth about Min Suk’s identity and intentions.

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High School King of Savvy: Episode 12 Review

HSKoS EP 12 - Instagram shot

Even more heartbreak! Min Suk gets tragic news that affects his life in a big way, while Soo Young decides that moving to a new house will give her a fresh start. Jin Woo keeps pulling Soo Young into his life, with help from Yoo Ah, who continues the uncomfortable tension with her sister. It’s a happy ending this time around, though, so the fun and crazy Savvy should be returning to us very soon.

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High School King of Savvy: Episode 11 Review

HSKoS EP 11 - Backshot

Just as expected, this episode was full of angst and heartbreak. Soo Young and Yoo Ah duke it out, Min Suk and Soo Young both walk around like lifeless zombies, and Jin Woo shows more heart than ever but at the wrong time. The tension and awkwardness is high and it’s not clear what will happen next.

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High School King of Savvy: Episode 10 Review

HSKoS EP 10 - Pass Out

After the last episode being full of the cute and adorable antics of our couple, this one focuses on all those pesky secrets and doubts in Min Suk and Soo Young’s relationship. Min Suk can’t ignore the fact that he’s lying about the vast majority of his life. Jin Woo takes his bastard status to new levels, and continues to create more trouble for the loving couple.

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High School King of Savvy: Episode 9 Review

HSKoS EP 9 - Cuddle time

Works falls to the wayside as we get an entire episode dedicated to the adorable antics of our new couple, Min Suk and Soo Young. It’s nothing but walks in the park, island trips, and too many kisses to count. While his co-workers are falling love, Jin Woo continues his mission to find out what the hell is up with Min Suk and what secrets he’s hiding.

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High School King of Savvy: Episode 8 Review

HSKoS EP 8 - Meet cute

With the love triangle aspect dwindling down for a bit, we get more focus on Soo Young and Min Suk’s obvious and growing feelings for each other. Nothing can happen without some drama angst first, though. Meanwhile, Jin Woo’s parents get some screen time to further demonstrate their aggressive and dysfunctional relationship. Jin Woo’s cool facade starts breaking, and hopefully he’ll try to change before it’s too late.

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High School King of Savvy: Episode 7 Review

HSKoS EP 7 - Night

There’s lots more relationship drama and laughs coming our way. Min Suk’s feelings grow, as does his jealousy over Soo Young and Jin Woo spending time together. Soo Young shows her kind and thoughtful nature again, and there are some cracks in the cold mask Jin Woo wears. His family and childhood are brought into the light, and there are some much need revelations regarding his character. Min Suk takes another big step towards Soo Young, while Yoo Ah continues to gain more sympathy. Who should we ship at this point in the story? I wish I knew.

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High School King of Savvy: Episode 6 Review

HSKoS EP 6 - MinSuks odd Let us watch as Jin Woo acts like a complete d-bag, Soo Young gets set up for more disappointment, and Min Suk finally starts realizing the depths of his feelings for a certain secretary. Jin Woo begins plotting to take down Min Suk and uses Soo Young to do it. The Jung sisters get some more cute bonding scenes. Along with Min Suk, they continue to be quirky and adorable. Everything is in motion now and it’s even more fun to watch.

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