K-Pop Music Videos: The Creepy, The Crazy, and The Weird

For a majority of k-pop artists, the music video is simply a chance to showcase some dancing and do close-ups of the idols’ pretty faces. However, there are also artists who come out with videos that are unconventional and entirely unique. There are a number of them that can only be described as creepy. Some are full of crazy antics that I don’t always understand, but I do always find highly entertaining. Then there are the ones that are so totally bizarre that I can’t even begin to come up with an explanation for them. Any way you slice it, it’s still nice to see k-pop videos that give you something new to look at, instead of just the group dancing in an empty room (I’m looking at you SM). So I thought I’d compile a list of the music videos that deviate from the k-pop norm and offer us a fresh, if slightly strange, look at an artists’ song. To make a long story short (too late), here’s my list of k-pop music videos that are creepy, crazy, and weird:

The Creepy (aka i am disturbed)

“She’s Gone” by G-Dragon

So we start with some poor woman tied to a chair and G-Dragon hovering in the doorway. Cue the start of the song and the woman escaping, only to find herself running around in what looks like a stone maze. An unfazed GD takes out a knife and drags it across the walls while he calmly stalks the girl. By the end, he’s covered in blood and the woman is lying dead on the floor. And in between shots of him shaking and holding his bloody hands in front of his face, there is one especially creepy shot of him actually smiling. I think this definitely fits the creepy category. And if you look up the lyrics, it makes it all the more disturbing.

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