Kdrama Review: Doctor Stranger (2014)

DoctorStrangerTitle: Doctor Stranger
Episodes: 20
Duration: 60 min.
Aired: May 5, 2014 to Jul 8, 2014
Cast: Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin, Kang So Ra, Jin Se Yeon
Genre: Drama, Medical, Romance, Thriller

The Synopsis: As a child, Park Hoon and his father were kidnapped by North Korea. In North Korea, Park Hoon was trained to become a doctor by his father who was already a doctor. Park Hoon became a genius like chest surgeon.

He then flees to South Korea. Park Hoon begins to work as a doctor in South Korea’s top hospital Myeongwoo University Hospital, but he feels like a complete outsider. To bring back his love from North Korea, he does anything to make money.

The Review: Let’s get this out of the way; the suspension of disbelief is very important in this drama. It gets pretty ridiculous at times, even for kdrama standards. I’m still appalled that they had surgical competitions that gambled with the lives of their own patients, and managed to drag it out for almost the entire drama. Not to mention Park Hoon had this almost supernatural ability to hold a heart and be able to “feel” what was wrong with it. Seriously?

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Kdrama Review: Witch’s Romance (2014)

Title: Witch’s Romance
Episodes: 16
Duration: 60 min.
Aired: Apr 14, 2014 to Jun 10, 2014
Cast: Uhm Jung Hwa, Park Seo Joon, Han Jae Suk
Genre: Comedy, Romance

The Synopsis: Ban Ji Yeon is a single 39 year-old woman. She works as a reporter and is very enthusiastic about her work. So much so that she is often called a “witch” at work. She doesn’t believe in true love, because of her past experience when her boyfriend disappeared prior to their wedding. Yoon Dong Ha is 25 year-old young man who runs a small errand center with his friend. He looks like a happy guy, but he lost his girlfriend by an accident. Sparks fly when Ji Yeon and Dong Ha meet, and despite the age difference, they find a lot in common with each other, including their scarred hearts.

The Review: My love for this drama is strong. It is the one of the cutest, sweetest stories I have come across in dramaland. A lot of this has to do with the very strong execution. As I outlined in my previous post, Witch’s Romance relies on a large number of kdrama clichés. It doesn’t get caught up in these rom-com staples, though, and instead uses them as a means to bring these two wonderful characters closer together. Anyway, let’s be honest here, you don’t watch a romantic comedy for a unique, or even realistic, story. The adorable cheesiness of Witch’s Romance is actually one of its main draws. However, it does, thankfully, avoid the usual plethora of misunderstandings and drawn out storylines typical to kdramas.

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