Upcoming Drama: Trot Lovers

Starting June 23rd, KBS will start airing its new drama Trot Lovers. It’ll be replacing Big Man in the Monday-Tuesday time slot. It will star Jung Eun Ji (Reply 1997), Ji Hyun Woo (Queen In Hyun’s Man), Shin Sung Rok (You Who Came from the Stars), Lee Se Young, and Son Ho Jun (Reply 1994).

Jung Eun Ji plays a young woman who has to work multiple jobs to support her family, but aspires to be a trot singer. She ends up meeting Ji Hyun Woo’s character, who’s a famous and talented musician. He looks down on the trot genre but ends up helping her realize her dreams. Shin Sung Rok and Lee Se Young act as rivals in both work and love. Son Ho Jun will play Ji Hyun Woo’s manager, who likes to wear tracksuits and has dreams of being a trot singer himself someday.

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