Thoughts and Obsessions: Doctor Stranger & You’re All Surrounded Improve + Rookies Take Over My Life

First off, it’s been a particularly good week in Korean drama. I am extremely pleased with the new direction Doctor Stranger is going in. Hoon has finally gotten rid of his god-awful perm and is starting to see the faults in Jae Hee (his blind faith was really starting to irritate me). The brewing bromance between him and Jae Joon is also a very welcome addition, even if it’s already heading towards troubled waters. Jae Joon himself has lost much of his angst and instead is starting to show us his compassionate, caring side. I’m still rooting for Soo Hyun and Hoon, even though it’s looking like they won’t be endgame.

Overall it’s become a lot more character-based, with less of the confusing political agendas. Thankfully they seem to have learned from the viewer reactions. They have finally started revealing the Prime Minister’s grand plan, and the motivations behind the characters’ decisions are starting to make sense. I was about to give up on this drama, but the last few episodes have brought me back in. Unfortunately, they have restarted the highly unethical hospital competitions. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

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K-Pop Music Videos: The Best of the Dance Practice Versions


One of the things I love about k-pop in general is the group choreography. For every new release, we get to see a different dance that’s been meticulously planned and practiced to perfection. It continues to amaze me that with each comeback, there is a unique, often complicated, routine that has to be learned. Those who love k-pop can attest to the power that good choreography can have on someone’s enjoyment of a performance or just the song itself.

As much as I love normal k-pop music videos, I look forward to dance practice videos even more. It’s the best way to see both the entire choreography and how difficult it is for our idols to pull off. It also allows us to see idols in a somewhat normal state, dancing in just sweats and tennis shoes. There’s no flashing lights or caked-on makeup to distract from their performance, and they get to show a bit of what they’re like when not on stage. I love to see them make small mistakes or goof off and just have fun. Here’s my list of some of the most amusing, entertaining, and impressive k-pop dance practice videos:

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